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Criminal cases     

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 Lawyers of the Law Сompany «UniLawyers» consult on all categories of criminal cases and timely provide qualified protection and representation at all stages of criminal proceedings:

 During the pre-investigation inspections including operational search actions such as:

  • receiving explanations, including developing the legal position for the principal;
  • examination of living quarters, industrial premises, buildings, terrain sectors and vehicles;
  • bringing to law enforcement authorities;
  • auditing of the financial and economic activities of organizations and other activities conducted by law enforcement officers during the pre-investigation inspections.

 During the preliminary investigation and court proceedings:

  • detention of a person suspected of committing a crime;
  • interrogation (as a suspect, defendant, witness or victim);
  • selection a preventive measure in the form of detention (arrest);
  • confrontation, identification, verification of testimony;
  • search and seizure;
  • development of the legal position in action;
  • preparation of all necessary legal documents (complaints, petitions, motions, etc.);
  • the defence and representation of the interests of the principal;
  • regular attendance of the accused in pre-trial prison;
  • conducting attorney's investigation.

  The head of the Practice of criminal procedure

 Variants of payment

1) payment by the hour (from 6000 rub. per hour);

2) payment for each stage (for example, preliminary investigation). In this case, you come to the agreement with our advocate about the sum of money should be paid flat, and no additional payments should be done further regardless of the number of actions should be undertaken and time should be spent.

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